Promenade à Nice

Promenade à Nice - Bold Bliss

Last week I travelled the French Riviera coast for the first time, spending much of my time in awe at the perfect colour of the sea. For a walk along Nice’s coastline and a tea break at Le Relais (the bar of the Belle Epoque style Negresco hotel exuding French elegance), I carried my lovely new August bag. I’ve always been drawn to brands that merge cutting-edge fashion with social responsibility and August is one of them …

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Crop Top and Dungarees, For Better or For Worse

Free people black smocked crop top and H&M denim dungarees - Bold Bliss

Good morning y’all! I’m back in front of my computer after a blogging break of over two weeks. I’ve missed blogging a little bit, well, insofar as that’s überhaupt possible while in a constant state of being blown away by the breathtaking sights of the French Riviera. Today’s outfit is a happy marriage of two treasured but previously deemed unwearable items in my closet …

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“Let Them Eat Cake”

Outfit with striped top and boater hat - Bold Bliss

A few weeks ago, we gracefully dived into the past, straight to the era when hot chocolate was still considered a remedy for many ailments and Marie Antoinette was deemed to have uttered the phrase cited in the title of this blog post. I wore a plaited off-the-shoulder top, a white vintage denim skirt and a boater hat which, despite being a serious anachronism, worked well with the château interior …

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August Outfit Recap

August outfit recap - Bold Bliss

While I’m working on another travel/outfit post shot in a charming château, I’m squeezing in my usual monthly outfit recap. You can click on each photo to be redirected to the relevant blog post containing more pictures. I’d love to hear which one of the outfits is your favourite (in fact, irrepressible curiosity is the single reason why I’m doing these recaps) …

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Perfect Pink Pippi Jeans

Neutrals in the gallery of Chateau de Seneffe, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Lucky me! A while ago I was looking for nothing particular and all of a sudden I ran into the perfect pink jeans. I discovered it on Asos and stored it in my mind because of the fond childhood memories it stirred. Indeed it was the signature look of the cute, wide-eyed Annika in the Pippi Longstocking films I used to watch in my brave little girl days …

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