The Season’s Last Roses

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The season’s last roses – how to catch them red-handed
In the evening, lie down among them. Beware of thorns. Keep your camera where it belongs, at your fingertips. Yawn. Fall asleep. Dream of the moon passing by. Wait for its waning. Wait for the crack of dawn …

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Edgy Elegance

Leather jacket and maxi skirt

My personal style tends to demonstrate bipolar tendencies every once in a while. I usually have a rather feminine style but sometimes I just want to step out of the house feeling like a tough(er) kid, wearing something more boyish or edgy. That occasional rocker drift has been the root of my longstanding love-hate relationship with leather jackets …

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To the Lighthouse

Asos checkered midi skirt

The first time we visited the lighthouse of Breskens (the Netherlands), the beach was taken by storm, the drifting sand blurring our vision. In those circumstances shooting was impossible: I didn’t want to expose my lens to the fierce fits of wind and lifted sand. Not to mention that posing elegantly is a precarious business when one is shivering and convulsively trying to get the better of the wind …

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November Outfit Recap

Outfit recap November

On this mackerel sky Sunday morning, it’s time for a (slightly overdue, mea culpa) recap of my outfits from the past month. Looking back at my latest outfits, it seems I’m finally getting into the swing of winter, with cosy knits, warm coats and winter whites …

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Bold Bliss Newsletter Launch

Newsletter Bold Bliss

Those of you following me on instagram may have noticed already: after eight months of blogging, I’ve finally launched my newsletter. I was planning on launching it earlier, but it all went a little pear-shaped at first. Three IT freelancers later, it’s finally done and I’m happy as Larry …

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