Hello 2016

Running on the beach of Nice, France

A new year has tiptoed in. While all over the world fireworks were setting the skies ablaze, while bells were chiming, voices shouting, hands clapping, lips kissing, an invisible hand turned Time’s sandglass upside down …

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Goodbye 2015

Outfit recap year 2015

On the eve of the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the past year. I’m not really the person for New Year’s resolutions, so I’m happy to report that I didn’t break any nor will I in 2016 …

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Ode to the Striped Scarf

Casual outfit with sweater and oversized scarf

Have you ever thought of turning conventional wisdom topsy-turvy and, instead of working your outfit around your shoes or dress, build it around your scarf instead? When I bestowed the scarf in these pictures with the role of protagonist rather than just accessory, my scarf pulled it off rather well …

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Holiday Traditions

Low sugar cookies with Xylitol

Although I’m generally not that enamoured with clichés, I happily make an exception for those whirling nowadays. Shining Christmas trees, gatherings around the crackling hearth, Christmas cards and carols, advent wreaths, presents and more presents: no objection at all …

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Shining Peony

RepousséJewelry by Galmer cuff

Two weekends ago, we drove to the wuthering heights of Tournehem-sur-la-Hem, a small village in the north of France. There, tucked away on the green crest of a hill, were the weather-beaten ruins of a 15th-century gothic chapel. It was the perfect setting to showcase a piece of perfection that I’ve warmly welcomed into my jewellery box lately …

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