Persian Green

Persian green vintage textured dress with black accessories in front of Duomo of Milan - Bold Bliss

A pop of Persian green combined with just sober black. The temptation to match this outfit with the imposing green bronze doors of the Duomo of Milan was just too hard to resist …

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Favourite Food Spots in Parma

Favourite food spots in Parma: Tcafe, Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati near Baptistery - Bold Bliss

Favourite food spots in Parma: Degusteria Romani - Bold Bliss

Favourite food spots in Parma: Sweet Laboratorio delle Delizie, cupcakes with peanut butter and chocolate and meringue - Bold Bliss

Quietly elegant Parma not only leaves its visitors saturated with art, architecture and opera – it is also a magnet for devoted foodies. Among Parma’s culinary temptations are some ancient and renowned delicacies such as its cheese & ham (in proper Italian respectively Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma). For anyone who wants to indulge in this food culture like a purebred Parmesan, I can recommend the following (hidden) gems …

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Pink Dream

Striped cape Forever 21 and skinny jeans before Parma Baptistery in morning light

A blushing-pink baptistery built out of Verona marble, some crisp early morning light and – apart from the sound of a light breeze – an ethereal silence: that was what we ran into in the city centre of Parma after waking up at the crack of dawn. Not the faintest regret that we did some sightseeing instead of sleeping through the precious morning hours …

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Travelling in Time

Window in Teatro Farnese situated in Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma (black and white) - Bold Bliss

One of the highlights of our stay in Parma was our visit to the Teatro Farnese in the southern wing of the Palazzo della Pilotta. Sit down, inhale the scent of wood, admire the shafts of light coming from the large arched windows and have yourself transported to another era. One can almost hear the sound of splashing water and the ecstatic shouts of applause arising from the public at times when the pit in front of the stage was flooded for naval battle scenes …

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Shoulder Robing

Shoulder robing with oversized light blue cardigan, pencil skirt and ankle boots - Bold Bliss Shoulder robing, a.k.a. “the chicest way to wear a cardigan is to not“. Why bother to actually put your arms through your sleeves when you can just nonchalantly sling your cardigan over your shoulders? Using your sleeves is so old school. The reason I’m wearing this look in Italy (in the Parco Ducale in Parma, to be exact) is because I secretly suspect it goes back to those sassy Romans. A few tips for pulling it off …

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