Early in the Morning (but Without Drunken Sailor)

Early in the morning - Bold Bliss

No, I’m not the early bird type at all, but the worm of a fine shoot can lure me out of bed at the peep of day. That is what happened to me a few days ago. The morning was bright and, except for a blackbird’s song, quiet. For the time being we were the only people in the whole world savouring that song and being overwhelmed by the endless ochre meadows bouncing in the lustrous morning light …

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My Most Elegant Curtain

My most elegant curtain - Bold Bliss

My top in this shoot is what happens when you turn a curtain into a garment. Or at least that’s the modest opinion of some family members of mine. Curtain-like or not, I love this top! I bought it a few months ago and proved the curtain-critics wrong when I saw it appear on the blog of the God of all street style photographers: the Sartorialist …

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Statement Necklace in Ditto Rooms

White off-the-shoulder dress with wedge mules - Bold Bliss

In the Château de Beloeil, nestled in the rural countryside of Wallonia, the thoughts that crossed my mind were not my own but the ones of the hypothetical version of myself living there two centuries ago. The whisper of ball dresses gliding over the stairs, the formal introductions, the soft glimmer of jewelry and the restrained, muted talking: my stolen memories were whimsically pleasant …

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The Colours of Seville

Entrance Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, Seville, Spain - Bold Bliss

Each city has its own inimitable beauty which is impossible to catch in a few words. Qualifications such as the “city of light” for Paris or “bride of the sea” for Venice do not sufficiently express the complex allure of these cities, but reflect a dominating impression. In this way, Seville struck me as the “city of colours” …

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Patio of the Golden Room

Courtyard of the Golden Room, Alhambra, Granada, Spain - Bold Bliss

It was a few minutes past 9 a.m. and we had just made the most delightful morning walk from the entrance of the Alhambra, all the way through the flourishing gardens, to the high point of the Alhambra, the Nazrid Palaces. I was wearing perhaps one of my very favourite outfits ever …

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