Carpet of Bluebells

Hallerbos Belgium with bluebells

Long Game of Thrones hair

Bluebell carpet at Hallerbos

All black outfit in Halle Forest Belgium

Purple flowers in Hallerbos

Multicoloured silk neck scarf-

Hallerbos tree

Light shining through the trees

Wild bluebell hyacinths

All black outfit between bluebells

Simple black outfit in Hallerbos Belgium

Halle Wood

Carpet of wild bluebell hyacints in the woods

Long wavy hair

Vintage Top (similar here, here and here) | Vintage Skirt (similar here, here and here) | Asos Pumps (similar here, here and here) | Vintage Scarf (similar here, here and here


It’s been written in indelible ink on my list of “places to visit” for years: Belgium’s Halle Forest (TripAdvisor) (“Hallerbos” in Dutch or “Bois de Halle” in French) and its fabulous carpet of wild bluebell hyacinths in spring. A few weeks ago Pinterest reminded me of the flowers’ pristine spring frolic, just in time to scribble the expected flowering dates for this year in my agenda (15-27th of April).

We went there at the first blush of day in order to avoid the day-trippers and buses of Japanese expats that – I was told – are swarming the premises during the flowering period. We were greeted with the delicate smell of the flowers before we even caught sight of them. That scent was soon crowned by the sight of millions of purple-bluish bell-shaped tiny little flowers spreading as far as the eye can see, spinning around the trees and moving up and down with the valley slopes. I loved how the sunlight poured through the trunks and cast long shadows on the bluebell carpet. I was hoping for a portion of morning mist to accompany the purple fog that was overwhelming the ground for even more magical photos, but alas: the mist had to be missed.

I wore a slightly wintery outfit in black, consisting (with the exception of my shoes) entirely of vintage pieces. I however listed some similar outfit options above (in my outfit details) and below (in my shopping widget) for those who want to recreate my outfit. I added some detail by tying a silk, multi-coloured scarf around my neck. I had brought a lovely structured little black leather bag from my grandmother to wear with this outfit as the ultimate finishing touch but… *sad trombone sound effect* I completely forgot to wear it. The queen of wool-gatherers wishes you all a lovely day.


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  1. Muhammed hashim May 6, 2016

    Such a beautiful places and beautiful pictures. Thanks for spreading hope

  2. How do you find such wonderful places to photograph? That carpet of bluebells is breathtakingly beautiful!


    • Bold Bliss May 6, 2016

      I use Pinterest to look for inspiring places! I pin a lot and if I come across nice places, I look them up on the map and save them in my Google Maps on my Iphone. I also use the search function on Pinterest for every place I travel to so I don’t miss out on beautiful spots in a given place. Hope that helps and thanks for your sweet comment! Xx

  3. Cristina May 4, 2016

    That’s a beautiful location. It reminds me of lavender fields in France which I’m dying to visit.

    • Bold Bliss May 6, 2016

      Oh yes indeed! These are also on my bucket list :) Xx

  4. Erin May 4, 2016

    This black outfit suits the blue of the bluebells perfectly. It is delicate enough and yet it adds to your grace in the picture.

    I am generally very fond of net knitting, but this one exceeds everything I have seen as a tight sweater. It is elegant, moreover it is emphasized by the colorful scarf.

    Love it!


    • Bold Bliss May 6, 2016

      Thank you Erin, that’s so lovely to hear! Wishing you a great day and weekend ahead!

  5. Tasha May 4, 2016

    Wonderful colors these are! What a beautiful wood to roam in… Your photos exactly grasp this “Lord of the rings” atmosphere. I am really fond of the site.

    Thanks for letting us know…


    • Bold Bliss May 6, 2016

      Yes, Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones, one of those :)

  6. Denise May 4, 2016

    Hopefully we can see your grandma’s bag later, don’t worry, we do forget things sometimes! Nice that you went to this amazing place and the carpet of flowers before the hoards of tourists! The dress and scarf look amazing and the pictures are always great!

    • Bold Bliss May 6, 2016

      I’ll definitely try to show the handbag later on my blog! Thanks, the place was even more beautiful in real life… Have a great weekend, Denise :)

  7. Nikoletta May 3, 2016

    The location is stunning and I love the vintage scarf :)

  8. Malu May 3, 2016

    Wow each and every one of these photos are perfect! The backdrop full of flowers and trees are so beautiful that it almost looks unreal lol Your look was great as well! Loving the all black with the fish net detailing. I just wore fish net last week on my blog, but I like the way you wore it! You look very chic I love everything about this post. Love!

    • Bold Bliss May 6, 2016

      You wore that fish net detailing in a very different way than me but it’s equally unique! Thanks for your lovely comment. Xx


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