White ribbed dress and delicate jewelry

Simple white midi dress

Elegant style

White dress and leather satchel

Triple necklace

White dress and Siena camera bag

White midi dress

Shoot with grand piano

Asos Dress, on sale (similar here, here, here and here with long sleeves) | Siena Camera Bag (similar here) | Asos Mules (similar here and here) | Forever 21 Necklace (similar here and here)

Location: the Limùn Bar at Hôtel Hermitage (TripAdvisor), Monte-Carlo, Monaco


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” A quote coined by genius Leonardo da Vinci. I think he couldn’t be more right. Today’s most famous advocates of that view (when it comes to fashion, at least) are French women, scrutinized by females all over the world for their inspiring, sophisticated style. Their secret? A “je ne sais quoi” that stems from their wisdom that luxury and simplicity, seemingly opposites, are in fact two sides of the same coin.

In today’s photos, I wore an outfit that honoured said mantra. A timeless cream V-neck dress in a subtly ribbed fabric, reaching just below the knee. It’s the epitome of minimal but the stepped hem at the side – making the front of the dress a little shorter than the back – makes it a winner at the delicate balancing act between simplicity and boredom. I wore the dress with the camera bag I carry around everywhere, simple clogs, a delicate triple necklace and three slender bangles so as not to detract from the dress. The Asos dress I was wearing is currently sold out, but I found this, this and this very similar dress that I love just as much (I listed some more options in the widget below as well: you can click on the arrow on the right to scroll through them).

Now I can hear you thinking: how to reconcile my love for simplicity with my thirst for variation and exploration? I guess escapades of eclecticism are the faith of any unquenchably curious soul. Simplicity, on the other hand, is not something I would commit to exclusively, but it definitely is the state of mind I always return to eventually.


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  1. Helen Azimuth April 19, 2016

    Dear Margarethe Müller,

    What an excellent idea to create ‘an anthology of works of art in which simplicity and sophistication meet, blend and transcend in the dominion of beauty’. Goethes Night Song could indeed claim a prominent place in it, perhaps together with this Summer-Haiku by Leonard Cohen:


    and a deeper silence

    when the crickets


    Perhaps it doesn’t follow the formal rules of the classic haiku, but it is perfect in its own right. Simplicity and sophistication walking hand in hand like lovers enthralled by each other’s presence.

    Helen Azimuth

    • Bold Bliss May 1, 2016

      Leonard Cohen grasped simplicity like no one else! Not only in this Summer-Haiku, but also in his music… And I can’t keep myself from complementing you on the last line of your comment: “Simplicity and sophistication walking hand in hand like lovers enthralled by each other’s presence.” I really couldn’t put it more marvellously.

  2. Cristina April 17, 2016

    I also agree with de DaVinci quote. I believe there’s a greatness in simplicity that’s often overlooked. You photos are beautiful as usual.
    I’m visiting Seville in two weeks so I’m going to check out your posts from the city again to plan my trip :)

    • Bold Bliss May 1, 2016

      Oh, that’s amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing your blog stories and photos about Seville :) Have fun!

  3. Ela April 16, 2016

    Simplicity is timeless, you can always rely on it! Simplicity of the dress and the minimal accessories give a beautiful finish, I really like the way you look. Mirror shot looks amazing!

    Ela BellaWorld

  4. Nikoletta April 15, 2016

    Beautiful simple look, it’s very classy! Love your shoes too :)

  5. Sarah April 15, 2016

    Wonderful surroundings and perfect photos. You exactly picture the grandeur of this building.

    Beautiful attributes too, delicate color combinations.


  6. Erna April 15, 2016

    Your “simplicity” is indeed a veil for refined sophistication! I do so much like this marvellous setting and you being gorgeous in this white summer dress.
    Everything of your outfit is so balanced and fitting. Ideal example!
    Keep surprising us!


  7. Sally Sinibaldi April 15, 2016

    With the Leonardo quote and your photos in the Limùn Bar you stir up many associations in my musée imaginaire. One of them is the peace dove by Picasso. He made many versions of it, most of them miracles of simplicity. I prefer the one which was used as the emblem for the First International Peace Conference in Paris in 1949. Five lines and, for the eye, a dot. To me it is the scout dove of Noah returning to the Ark with an olive leaf symbolizing hope. To me it is humanity’s collective longing for harmony after the deluge of the Second World War. To me it is an apogee of both simplicity and sophistication. Yes, I know, there is another well-known version of the dove flying up among colorful flowers looking like oriental characters, just splendid, but compared to the colorless version a tiny bit less simple and a tiny bit less sophisticated.

    As you can see, my dear Bold Bliss, your words and pictures are very inspiring to me. And not only to me, I hope.

    Sally Sinibaldi

    • Margarethe Müller April 19, 2016

      No, Sally, you are not the only one to feel inspired by Bold Bliss’ blog. My musée imaginaire too is full of material illustrating the simplicity – sophistication paradox dealt with in the last post. Shall I give a striking example from a literary story of my museum? At school I learned that Goethe is perhaps the most important German writer and that Faust is his chef d’oeuvre. Who am I to query the importance of Faust, Werther, Wilhelm Meister or Elective Affinities? Yet there is one short poem of Goethe that surpasses each and every masterpiece of him. May I quote it in German?

      Wandrers Nachtlied

      Über allen Gipfeln
      Ist Ruh,
      In allen Wipfeln
      Spürest du
      Kaum einen Hauch;
      Die Vögelein schweigen im Walde.
      Warte nur, balde
      Ruhest du auch.

      If you do not know German, you’ve got to learn it for the sake of these lines. Up to now I haven’t found a satisfactory English translation. I even doubt if there is any other English poem that equals the suggestive and sophisticated simplicity with which Goethe here conjures up the mystery of life and death. Whoever knows one, should say so. By the way, couldn’t we start an anthology of works of art in which simplicity and sophistication meet, blend and transcend in the dominion of beauty?

      Margarethe Müller

  8. Petite Maison of Fashion April 15, 2016

    What a simple yet gorgeous dress


  9. Denise April 14, 2016

    I loved your camera bag and the dress! I like simplicity from time to time, but like you, not all the time. So when I go to some places when I don’t have access to my flat or clothes, I use the principle of simplicity and I am fine with that for some time. Then I go back t “excess”, but knowing that I will be “simple” again one day :) I think this is the way I balance things! Hope you have a lovely day!

    • Bold Bliss May 1, 2016

      Yes, I feel the same way! Simplicity is nice, as a contrast with more “complex” outfits, but it would no doubt get boring if I’d be wearing nothing but simple outfits!

  10. Albertine Brandon April 14, 2016

    These photos are gorgeous!

    Love the dress you’re wearing in them :)

  11. Leta April 14, 2016

    Simple and classy. I like it!

    Your daily inspiration and motivation on

  12. Annie April 13, 2016

    i love that da Vinci quote! so fun to see how you create it visually!

  13. Thuy April 13, 2016

    Looking good. Love the French. Going to Paris in May-June :)

    • Bold Bliss May 1, 2016

      Wishing you an amazing time when you’re going to Paris! It’s one of my favourite cities in the world…


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