Suede and Patent Leather

Fashion exploration

Exploration is my middle name. I indulge in the sport of discovery like a Pooh bear slurps honey (minus the sugar-induced coma afterwards). No Vasco da Gama or Space Odyssey kind of exploration for me – the focus of my desire to explore is on a micro level. The places I visit, the photos I make, the texts I write, the clothes I wear: I like to switch things up …

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Un Sac de Billes

Textured fitted midi dress in colourful stripe pattern

Ochre, coral and Tuscan red. Amber, pale citrine and sunstone. If you’ve ever been to the Old Town of Nice, you’ll agree that the streets seem to be drenched in precious hues. Vieux Nice stands for a medley of tones – but they all have in common that they’re warm and cheerful …

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My Photography Secrets

My photography secrets

Dearest readers! I’ve got an announcement to make. You might wonder what on earth caused me to drop out of sight for over a month. Well, I’ve been pouring all my free time into a project solicited by my readers: to spill my photography secrets in an e-book for you all to discover! And here it is, all ready …

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