Doors of Humanity

Helene Bergman dark blue coat

Dark blue coat and colourful neck scarf

Urban Outfitters rust felt beret

Pretty house with carrier cycle

Pretty dutch houses in Middelburg

White door in Londensekaai Middelburg

Blue winter coat in Middelburg

Red door in Nieuwstraat Middelburg

Colourful door in Middelburg

Helene Bergman large collar coat

Blue wool coat in front of gleaming blue door

Blue coat with red beret

Dark blue coat mini dress and neck scarf

Pretty door and windows in Bierkaai Middelburg

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Doors fascinate me. Most people seem to walk past them without much of a glance, but to me they are the embodiment of mystery. What secret world or banal interior lies on the other side? Who got to decide on the colour of the paint and what marital squabbles preceded that decision (if any)? What superstitions (or aesthetic fetishes) urged people to choose dragons or bulls as doorknockers?

Last week, we went door spotting in the Dutch town of Middelburg (TripAdvisor). Nowhere else have I ever come across so many glossy doors in such a range of intense colours. Door-wise, Middelburg is the grandest city I’ve ever set foot in, with one (obvious) exception: Paris. The beauty, variety and grandeur of the French capital’s doors is unrivalled.

Then, one day later, hell broke loose in Paris. I saw it on my mobile and look, closed doors marvellously opened to shelter people stranded on the unsafe streets. Under the motto #portesouvertes, the otherwise rather distant Parisians bravely started taking in strangers from the street within moments of the first explosion. Soon the hashtag was trending worldwide alongside #PriezPourParis, #Solidarité and simply #Paris. In the whirlwind of horrendous fear, thousands of people made that instinctive statement and sacrifice. It moves me that so many of these splendid yet reserved doors turned into welcoming, open gateways.

Given the timing of this shoot, the magnificent doors of Middelburg will forever be a reminder to me of the generous doors of Paris. And one day, when those same doors are gleaming in safer Parisian streets in their lovely bleu, blanc, rouge (and many other colours), I’ll go and shoot those brilliant tokens of humanity.


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  1. Diana Cloudlet November 25, 2015

    You look fabulous! This outfit is so stylish and chick! Can’t wait to see the next one!

    Diana Cloudlet

    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016


  2. Helena November 25, 2015

    So cute that doors (and houses) in Middelburg have proper names. It makes them somehow very human. Look at them! At first sight they may seem somewhat distant but I guess that soon they would turn out to be very friendly and inviting.

    Makes me think of the famous meeting of Stanley and Livingstone: ‘Mr. Stanley said: – “Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” A smile lit up the features of the pale white man as he answered: “Yes, and I feel thankful that I am here to welcome you.”’

    What do you think of this variant:

    “Mansion De Peerel, I presume?’
    “Yes. And you must be Bold Bliss? Please come in. I feel thankful that I am here to welcome such a stylish woman. You would make a perfect landlady for my kind of mansion.”

    By the way, does De Peerel mean The Pearl? Then it would be the perfect mansion for you. And the other names, who can tell what they mean?


    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016

      Proper names and proper life stories! I just wish those doors would let me in on them…

  3. Evie November 24, 2015

    Hello Bold Bliss. I think you really hit the world’s emotions with your beautiful words! I hope everybody will see it this way. I also like your original use of these doors in your marvellous photos. Really attractive outfit!
    Keep going!!

    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016

      I equally enjoyed your beautiful words – thanks for the lovely comment! (And sorry for the delay in replying…) Xx

  4. Diana November 24, 2015

    Such a beautiful look! Everything pairs so nicely with each other! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  5. Emily November 24, 2015

    Such beautiful and deep words. You have also opened my eyes to the magic of doors haha! Thanks for sharing.

    xxxx from Emily at

    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016

      Thank you, Emily! Have a lovely week! Xx

  6. Scarllet November 24, 2015


  7. Sharon November 24, 2015

    What a gorgeous outfit, your coat is very cute :)
    <3, Sharon

  8. Ela November 23, 2015

    It is shame what happened in Paris and hope it won’t ever happen again! We should all be together and strong, this is how we can win! Your photos are always so beautiful and also your words!

    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I really wanted to write something about it and not just continue blogging about bright things as if nothing ever happened… X

  9. Melissa November 23, 2015

    The prints and colors you put together are perfect! I love the beret with your look is fantastic! I thought you chose a great location for your photos. The colors contrast well with the backdrop. Love this look :)

    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016

      I always so much enjoy picking out locations that compliment the outfits I’m wearing. Glad you can appreciate it! Xx

  10. Gemma November 23, 2015

    Very beautiful and touching post. You are great. Gemma xx

    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016

      Thank you Gemma for another sweet comment! Xx

  11. Thuy November 23, 2015

    Love the last shot :)

  12. Sher November 23, 2015

    haha i have the same fascination with beautiful doors. they’re just screaming for a picture!


    • Bold Bliss January 5, 2016

      I agree for 100 percent! ;)


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