A Peaceful Day in Antibes

Port Vauban with yachts, Antibes, France

Antibes Cathedral, France

Outfit in autumn colours with suede skirt

Wearing outfit in black and tan tints in Picasso museum, Antibes, France

Detail of outfit wearing Asos wrap skirt in suede

Sculptures and view of the sea at Picasso Museum, Antibes, France

Tea and cakes at le Gout-Thé in Antibes, France

View of the harbour of Antibes, France wearing outfit with suede mini skirt

Marina wall of Antibes, France

"Le Nomade” in Antibes, France by artist Jaume Plensa

Wearing black hat in front of letter sculpture

Climbing towards the sky on statue "Le Nomade" in Antibes, France

Inside sculpture "Le Nomade” in Antibes, France by artist Jaume Plensa

View of the yachting harbour of Antibes, France

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I’ve never really grasped the appeal of beach holidays. For some reason, I’ve always been partial to exploring cities and cultural sites. Since visiting the French Rivièra however, I have to admit that my perspective has changed somewhat. Even though sun ba(s)king on the beach is still not my cup of tea, I’ve started to relish the undeniable charm of the seaside.

We took a full day to explore Antibes, a little town on the Cote d’Azur looking out onto the Mediterranean. At first sight the city was not spectacularly pretty but it was bursting with unpretentious and charming everyday life. Near the Picasso Museum we crossed our fair share of tourists, attracted – as we were too – by the soothing and relaxing experience of great art rocked in the blue cradle of endless waves and skies. What a peaceful delight to smell the salty air, to see the hovering gulls, to aimlessly wander the winding road along the coastline and to look down from the city wall on the distant beachgoers turned into colourful little dots in and outside the water.

I embraced the colours of autumn in my outfit: black, tan/beige, and a hint of deep red in the print of my top. I wore a suede skirt, a major trend this summer and fall, and one that meets my approval! I’m all for combining unexpected textures, so I added some soft knit materials (a knit top with pretty black trim and a soft scarf) to the suede accents in my skirt, ankle boots and bag. It was warm, so I didn’t need anything more than a skirt and a top, but the outfit can easily be transitioned into one for colder temperatures by simply adding tights and a black chunky knit cardigan or sweater (I really like this one and this one).

Besides the Picasso museum (the photos with the sculptures and view of the sea were taken in its courtyard) we visited Port Vauban (the largest yachting harbour in Europe), the Cathedrale Notre Dame de la Platea and stopped for cakes at Le Gout-Thé (the fig cake was delicious). Towards the evening we strolled all along the marina wall to the giant man-shaped sculpture “Le Nomade” by contemporary Catalan artist Jaume Plensa. It is composed of bright white letters (resembling lace from a distance) and looking out over the Mediterranean. Climbing the sculpture, covered in shafts of golden light, and reaching towards the sky that contrasted so exquisitely with the white letters, felt liberating and relaxing at the same time. I’m not sure though if it would have felt that way if I had known that climbing the statue was strictly forbidden, but in my blissful ignorance, it was a perfect end to a peaceful day.


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  1. Emily D. October 27, 2015

    In your absence the statue ‘Le nomade’ is but a gigantic 3-dim concrete poem lacking that one rhyme word that would lift it into the sky of everlasting poetry. Fortunately you happened to come along in the right outfit and look how it was filled with the lightness, light and meaning that constitute the watermark of genuine poetry.

    Emily D., poet.

  2. Emma October 22, 2015

    Such a fab outfit!!! I really want that skirt and those boots! Xx

    Emma | http://www.theemasphere.com

    • Bold Bliss November 2, 2015

      Thanks! Those boots are amazing: I’ve been wearing them all the way through fall-summer-autumn. They’re so comfy and elegant! Xx

  3. Ana October 19, 2015

    Amazing shots captured and I loved your skirt and Hat.

  4. Maggie October 19, 2015

    Love this look! It’s casual yet chic.


  5. Diana Cloudlet October 19, 2015

    You look absolutely stunning in this effortlessly feminine outfit! Love the styling here!
    It’s so classic and chic!

    Diana Cloudlet

    • Bold Bliss November 2, 2015

      Thanks dear! Xx

  6. Seppy October 19, 2015

    These pictures are absolutely stunning! I especially love the one of you ‘hanging’ from the letters – it looks like you’re in the sky!


    • Carlito October 19, 2015

      True! And reaching for the unreachable. Always worth trying!


    • Bold Bliss November 2, 2015

      Haha, it was such a unique feeling to be reaching towards the sky… I remember the sensation as if it was yesterday!

  7. Nataly October 19, 2015

    Oh my word, I can’t get over this post. Your outfit, the place, the pictures – amazing! I love all of your pictures!


    • Bold Bliss November 2, 2015

      Oh, that’s so lovely to hear! Thanks! Xx

  8. Petite Maison of Fashion October 18, 2015

    That letter sculpture looks so fun to climb on!


    • Bold Bliss November 2, 2015

      I can solemnly confirm it was! :)

  9. John P October 18, 2015

    The photos within that white sculpture are emblematic for your blog: you in an alphabetical cocoon. Maybe there’s the net for lepidopterists to catch you. But characters to catch a character like yours – do they exist? You are so damn elusive…

    John P., professor of aesthetic theory

    • Frisbee Free October 18, 2015

      Dear professor John P.

      Does it make sense to catch butterflies?

      Frisbee Free

    • John P. October 19, 2015

      Of course not. But I would do everything to understand their beauty. Even when this is a Sisyphean task.

      John P., professor of aesthetic theory

  10. Emily October 18, 2015

    Looks like such a stunning place. Love that skirt too, I need to get my hands on one! Thanks for sharing.

    xxxx from Emily at diamondsanddachshunds.weebly.com

    • Bold Bliss October 18, 2015

      Thanks Emily, glad you love the skirt as much as I do! Also, thanks again for featuring me in your beautiful blog post of today – I enjoyed reading it and I’ll definitely keep reading your blog :)

  11. Bing October 17, 2015

    Writing is superb as usual,the photos are stunning,ugh so IG worthy all of them,xoxo BING.


    • Bold Bliss October 18, 2015

      Thanks, that’s such a lovely comment!!

  12. sepatuholig October 17, 2015

    Great outfit, love the skirt!!!

  13. Ela October 16, 2015

    I love the way you write your day, it is so relaxing to read it. Your photos are amazing as always and Antibes is a beautiful place. x


    • Bold Bliss October 18, 2015

      Thanks, Ela! I always try for my words to tell as much of a story as my photos and therefore I really loved to hear that reading them made you feel relaxed :) Xx


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