Perfect Pink Pippi Jeans

Neutrals in the gallery of Chateau de Seneffe, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Running in pink jeans - Bold Bliss

Chateau de Seneffe, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Blush coloured jeans with tan accessories - Bold Bliss

Maison Scotch La Bohemienne Jeans in pink - Bold Bliss

Maison Scotch La Bohemienne jeans - Bold Bliss

Chateau de Seneffe, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Cream coloured knit poncho - Bold Bliss

Sam Edelman petty boot in honey - Bold Bliss

Square of Chateau de Seneffe - Bold Bliss

Jumping in pink jeans and cream poncho - Bold Bliss

Perfect pink skinny jeans with poncho - Bold Bliss

Jumping in front of Chateau de Seneffe, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Pink Maison Scotch skinny jeans with cream and tan coloured accessories - Bold Bliss

Casual outfit with skinny jeans - Bold Bliss

Cream sleeveless knit poncho - Bold Bliss

Knit cream poncho, vintage snakeskin bag and pink sunglasses - Bold Bliss

Pink jeans in style of Annika Settergren (Pippi Longstocking) - Bold Bliss

Maison Scotch Jeans, on sale (also available here and here) | Boohoo poncho, on sale (I took the M/L size as the S/M was sold out at the time) (similar options here and here) | Sam Edelman Petty Boot, on sale (also available here) | Vintage Bag (similar here, here and here) | Forever 21 Sunglasses (similar here, here and here) | Wooden Bangle (similar here and here)

Location: Castle of Seneffe (TripAdvisor), Wallonia, Belgium


Lucky me! A while ago I was looking for nothing particular and all of a sudden I ran into the perfect pink jeans. I discovered it on Asos and stored it in my mind because of the fond childhood memories it stirred. Indeed it was the signature look of the cute, wide-eyed Annika in the Pippi Longstocking films I used to watch in my brave little girl days (see this video). I decided to wait for the sales to buy it. Sadly, it sold out before I managed to snatch it up. Disappointed, I realised in an aha moment that I might try to find it in another store and after some browsing I did!

That near-miss experience obviously added to my jeans’ enticement, but apart from that it also has the perfect skinny shape (it fits better than any other jeans I own) and it’s made of the perfect, beautiful, thick but flexible type of soft pink cotton. I paired my jeans with a cream coloured knit poncho and tan-coloured accessories such as my grandmother’s vintage snakeskin bag, previously seen here, and my versatile Sam Edelman ankle boots, previously seen here, here and here. As a matter of fact, further bright colours might have made my outfit too girly for my present taste. I wanted somewhat less Annika (“Pippi, I’m scared…”) and somewhat more Pippi (“I am the strongest girl in the world, remember that.”).

The batwomanesque flying poses obviously serve to further increase my Pippi calibre.


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  1. Nataly September 29, 2015

    Love the pictures and the jeans! I love pink so much.

  2. Akanksha Padhi September 26, 2015

    Love the look. And the bag is to die for!!


  3. Mokami Design September 4, 2015

    We just find you and OMG! you hace style girl! so beautiful photography and outfits! Gorgeous!!!

    We would like if you could visit us at MOKAMI:

    Thank you so much! Really nice work! XOXO

  4. Asta Svensdotter September 3, 2015

    Where, for God’s sake, are these ‘batwomanesque flying poses’? I don’t see them. Call yourself an angel, a flamingo, a swallow, a butterfly, a dragonfly or even a UFO. But please do not belittle yourself by calling yourself a batwoman. A bat has its own merits but it is a creature of darkness. You are a creature of light.

    Asta Svensdotter

    • Swami Yorinanda September 3, 2015

      Shall we call it ‘flamingo-like’? Because of the colour. And let everybody decide for her/himself whether it is taking off or alighting.

      Swami Yorinanda

  5. Ophelia Xymoron September 3, 2015

    Another study in levitation! And as so often breathtaking contre-jour photography. Can’t believe my eyes.

    Ophelia Xymoron

  6. Seppy September 3, 2015

    These pictures are SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!!!

    And loving the jeans!!

  7. Neha September 2, 2015

    these pictures are unreal!!
    love your outfit :) the styling is perfect !

    Love Playing DressUp

  8. Kiki September 2, 2015

    I love your gorgeous pictures, they’re a amazing! The motion adds such a great touch to the outfits, it’s so perfect. Those jeans are lovely too! Great post!
    xo Kiki

  9. Dora September 2, 2015

    Love the photos! So fun!!!


  10. Kamila September 2, 2015

    Cute&pink !!! Loooove it :)

  11. Danielle September 2, 2015

    I love the photos and the look! You created a chic outfit and you look fabulous in it!

  12. Cleo September 2, 2015

    Oh, and your hair is so beautiful!<3

  13. Cleo September 2, 2015

    Dear, gorgeous outfit and FANTASTIC scenery!<3 Love these pics, totally:))<3

  14. Vesna September 2, 2015

    such a feminine combination with these lovely pink jeans… photography is breathtaking as always!

  15. Venussmileygal September 2, 2015

    You indeed look pretty great in this outfit. I like the poncho so much!
    Great photos as well….

    (◕‿◕✿) Instagram | Bloglovin

  16. Bing September 2, 2015

    Your blog intrigues me,you’ve never shown your face in any of your post.
    Great story about that pink jeans,it was meant to be yours Ms.Pippi.
    Love all the photos,im so inspired ill be flying on my next post too.haha.
    xoxo Bing.

    • Bold Bliss September 26, 2015

      Glad you’re giving the flying poses a try too: I can recommend it – it’s a lot of fun shooting and you end up with great photos ;)

  17. fergzillas September 2, 2015

    not often I say this, but I love your WHOLE outfit! love the shade of your skinny jeans and its complimented perfectly with the top :)

  18. Gemma September 2, 2015

    The jeans are gorgeous! You have styled them so well. Lovely pics. Gemma xx

  19. Annika Settergren September 2, 2015

    Dear Bold Bliss,

    Thank you so much for featuring ‘my perfect pink Pippi jeans’. I do not really mind that you do no call them your ‘Annika jeans’. After all I am nothing more than Pippi’s foil, so all the credits go to her (and, of course, to Astrid Lindgren). Besides I‘m the kind of girl that shuns the spotlights whereas Pippi loves them, so please go on calling them ‘Pippi jeans’ instead of ‘Annika jeans’. The main thing is that eventually everybody can see how gorgeous my pink jeans are.

    Annika Settergren, antagonist of the Pippi Longstocking books, film and television series.

    • Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump September 2, 2015

      Dear Annika,

      You’re so generous. It was you who wore the pink jeans, not me. To be honest, I didn’t fancy them very much and that’s why Astrid dressed yóu up with them and not me (as she first intended to). So, if you had claimed the credits and the name of the so called perfect pink jeans I wouldn’t have minded, but since you cede your rights to me, I accept them, and although I prefer blue to pink and longstockings to jeans, I am ready to bear the burden of that queer brand.

      Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump, protagonist of the Pippi Longstocking books, film and television series.

    • Annika Settergren September 2, 2015

      Good old Pippi,

      Our tastes differ. I do fancy these pink jeans. But I agree that our author’s find to call you Pippi Longstocking instead of Pippi Pinkpants was a lucky one. This, however, doesn’t mean that pink pants are less fashionable than long stockings. On the contrary! Your long stockings are about as fashionable as your silly pigtails. Don’t you believe me? Then I suggest that we scan the internet for a comparable shoot featuring your favourite but outdated tawdry stockings.

      Annika Settergren, antagonist of the Pippi Longstocking books, film and television series.

  20. Jessica Downs September 2, 2015

    Awesome styles! Love the jeans!


    Online Boutique |

  21. Zarrah September 2, 2015

    I love your tassel top
    Looking so chic
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  22. Lenya September 2, 2015

    I love the simplicity of the outfit. Everything is just perfect.

  23. Carmen September 1, 2015

    wheep what a great outfit! I looove these jeans:) Looks great! xx Carmen

  24. Ela August 31, 2015

    Love the photos! They are so beautiful. I like this shade of pink for jeans and it is such a great combination with the boots, looks really good.

  25. Rosie August 31, 2015

    Lovely pictures and Gorgeous style! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out your nomination in the link below. xx

    • Bold Bliss September 2, 2015

      Hi Rosie, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately I don’t have time to participate in the Liebster Award… But nevertheless I really do appreciate your nomination and I’ll definitely check out your blog!

  26. Scarllet August 31, 2015

    The photos and the outfit is amazing

  27. Sara Nuša August 31, 2015

    Beautiful outfit and the photos are so amazing!!

  28. Feyi A August 30, 2015

    You have amazing style!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’ ✌️


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