Paradise Lost

Paradise lost, Cathedral of Granada, Spain - Bold Bliss

Checkered floor in Granada Cathedral, Spain - Bold Bliss

Printed jumpsuit and crochet sleeveless vest - Bold Bliss

Printed jumpsuit and black suede pumps - Bold Bliss

Granada Cathedral, Spain - Bold Bliss

Black pumps on checkered floor - Bold Bliss

New Look across body bag - Bold Bliss

White ceiling in Granada Cathedral, Spain - Bold Bliss

Cathedral of Granada, Spain - Bold Bliss

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Photography, in my view, is all about light. Therefore my blog post stories often deal with the efforts to capture the scenery exactly at the fleeting moment when the light imbues the shapes and colours of the world with the rare, surreal quality that keeps photographers on the move forever (see this and this blog post). Today’s story however is about how we missed that singular moment by a hair’s breadth.

After our visit to the intimate Capilla Real (with the splendid tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella), we went to the Cathedral of Granada. It was an unspanishly cloudy day. The sun was moody and refused to show itself for more than a few minutes at a time. Inside the Cathedral it played the same fitful game of hide and seek on the pristine white vault, the majestic Corinthian columns and the checkered floor. Allright, the vast space with its upward flight of lines vanishing in the gloomy ceiling was quite impressive. But we felt that something was missing. Then, all of a sudden, a bright beam of sunlight flooded in from a high window and threw a celestial radiance on one of the massive columns as well as on the checkered floor beside it. My God! This ethereal chiaroscuro begged for fixation. I grasped my camera. But by the time I had pulled it out, a cloud crossed the sun and we brusquely found ourselves back in Kansas. We waited for over fifteen minutes hoping for the sun to return and bring back the magic but when it finally reappeared, the light had lost its crispness and had shifted away from the column. Sorry, folks! Please consider the photos I publish today as a footboard to the lost paradise of that day…



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  1. Wolfgang Janxman August 4, 2015

    Please do not be offended by my remarks. In general I really love your photography. You have a wonderful “eye” and your images have a freshness and vitality that many professional fashion photographers do not have. Two of your images show Band-Aids on your feet and I think really ruin the shots. They are small details but HUGE distractions. I may not be using the correct English word for the wound dressings. In the US they are referred to as Band-Aids and that is where I have bought them while traveling. Again my remark is not meant to offend, I really love your images but I believe that sometimes the “devil” is in the details! Kindest Regards.

    • Bold Bliss August 5, 2015

      Dear Wolfgang, I was glad to read your comment, as it shows that some readers of my blog do not just quickly scroll through the pictures but actually look at them with a critical presence of mind and take the time to absorb them in their entirety. I’m sorry you were distracted by the detail of the band-aids on my feet. I didn’t photoshop them away since I liked how they added a slightly more human and relatable element contrasting nicely (and perhaps slightly ironically) with the superhuman and majestic nature of the space in which the photos were set. But I do appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you let me know! Best regards, Bold Bliss

  2. Swami Yorinanda July 21, 2015

    I’ve always thought that cathedrals were built to lure our eyes heavenwards, but now I understand that at the same time the yin and yang of the checkered floor invites us not to lose contact with the complementary and sometimes antithetic dualities of earth. Was it your deliberate choice or mere intuition that you combined the upward movement of the pumps and the heavenly brightness of the crochet vest with the down-to-earthness of the checkered dress?

    Swami Yorinanda

  3. gigi July 17, 2015

    gorgeous! LOVE that print. thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! xx. gigi.

  4. Mademoiselle Coconath July 17, 2015

    I love your jumpsuit! The pictures are beautiful!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. Faith B. July 17, 2015

    O.k., for the time being you may have lost Paradise by a hair’s breadth, but God Almighty granted you to safeguard a valuable photographic footboard to His Unearthly Light. Keep cherishing it and the time of your redemption will certainly come.

    Faith B.

  6. MC July 17, 2015

    Great shots! Love the printed jumpsuit!
    Check out my latest outfit post on

  7. Kirsten July 16, 2015

    gorgeous pics!

  8. Monika July 16, 2015

    Oh no! I think anyone who frequently takes photos has had a similar experience. At least you were able to experience it first hand and will always have that memory.



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