My Most Elegant Curtain

Check top and laced ankleboots - Bold Bliss

Château d'Attre, Wallonia, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Check top and fitted denim skirt in front of Castle of Attre, Wallonia, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Outfit with fitted denim skirt, laced ankle boots and flowy check top - Bold Bliss

White crochet vintage bag - Bold Bliss

Zara check top and vintage crochet bag - Bold Bliss

Outfit details check top, black denim skirt and white crochet vintage bag - Bold Bliss

Brown suede laced ankle boots - Bold Bliss

Check top in front of Castle of Attre, Wallonia, Belgium - Bold Bliss

Zara Top (sold out, somewhat similar options here, here and here) | Noisy May Skirt (similar herehere and here) | Pull&Bear Shoes (similar here, here, here and here) | Vintage Bag (similar here, here and here)

Location: Château d’Attre (on Eupedia), Belgium


My top in this shoot is what happens when you turn a curtain into a garment. Or at least that’s the modest opinion of some family members of mine. Curtain-like or not, I love this check top! I bought it a few months ago and proved the curtain-critics wrong when I saw it appear on the blog of the God of all street style photographers: the Sartorialist. Looking at his snap, you might wonder whether this top shouldn’t in fact be qualified as a skirt – rather than a curtain – turned into a top… In any case, thank you so much, Scott Schumann, for rehabilitating my ridiculed top, thus granting me a sweet moment of revenge on some nitwits who mix up fashion with interior decoration.



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  1. Heba August 17, 2015

    Wow, such beautiful photos!!

    Heba xx || The HebaBloglovinInstagram

  2. vanessa trset August 5, 2015

    Nice Post! and lovely pictures.
    kisses from

  3. Monika August 4, 2015

    Haha I like your top! I wouldn’t have thought about it looking like a curtain at all but now that you mention it I don’t think it’s a bad thing.


  4. Rachel August 4, 2015

    Great piece, I love the check pattern. You look lovely, these photos are simply so beautiful.

  5. Cristina August 3, 2015

    I like the outfit, the top is cute despite what people say :) What’s the location? The house is beautiful!

    • Bold Bliss August 7, 2015

      Thanks! Glad you take the side of the fashion connoisseurs ;) The location is the Château d’Attre in Wallonia, Belgium.

  6. Puja August 3, 2015

    I LOVE IT! It actually looks so gorgeous and who cares if it’s like a curtain or not!
    Oh, and the pictures taken are beautiful!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

  7. Septima Iliescu August 3, 2015

    Love the sense of freedom and leasure (in spite of the blue grid bars on the white top)..

    Septima Iliescu

    • Dumitru Iliescu August 4, 2015

      Dear sister.

      I found a spelling mistake in your comment of yesterday. You wrote: leasure, but according to me it should be either leisure nor pleasure. So make up your mind and correct the mistake.

      Kiss from your little brother

      Dumitru Iliescu

    • Septima Iliescu August 4, 2015

      Dear Dumitru,

      Thanks, little brother. Good that you saw the mistake. Imagine our English teacher seeing it. He would be furious. :-(

      But you wrote a mistake too! You wrote: it should be either leisure nor pleasure That is wrong. It should be: it should be either leisure or pleasure. Do you still follow me?

      And I would like to add that your proposition contains a false dilemma. Why would I choose between leisure and pleasure? They are both to the point. So I change my original message into:

      Love the sense of freedom, leisure and pleasure (in spite of the blue grid bars on the white top).

      Septima Iliescu

  8. Vicky August 3, 2015

    Wonderful pictures and the scenery is way too beautiful!

    Vicky //

  9. Zarrah August 3, 2015

    Such an amazing place
    So royalty looking.
    Love your outfit too


    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  10. Marissa August 3, 2015

    Just found your blog and I love it! Your photos are simply stunning, what camera do you use? xx

    • Bold Bliss August 7, 2015

      Hi Marissa,
      Thanks! I use a Canon 6D and the lenses I use (which are at least as important for the final result as the camera) are a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 (a versatile zoom lens), a Canon 50mm f/1.4 and a Canon 85mm f/1.8 (prime lenses). For this post I only used the Canon 85mm lens and the Tamron lens. Good luck with your photography :)

  11. John P. August 2, 2015

    When seeing your ‘curtain’ shoot, some words from a ‘curtain’ quote of Virginia Woolf popped up in my memory. It dealt with the necessity for a good shoot to enwrap the viewer in a kind of permanent curtain. The phrasing I remembered was inaccurate and distorted. Google gave me the exact quote, which was not about a good photo shoot but about a good essay:

    A good essay must have this permanent quality about it; it must draw its curtain round us, but it must be a curtain that shuts us in not out.

    Virginia Woolf

    Reading the quote I at once had this idea that a good shoot can be and perhaps has to be a kind of essay. Was I right? I looked again at some of your posts and indeed they proved in very different way to be essays. And good ones too. Even when they display something rather simple, e.g. a girl in a ‘curtain’ top in front of a castle, they tell us important things about time, beauty, imagination and about the miracle of art.

    John P., professor of aesthetic theory

    • The late Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) August 3, 2015

      You are right, professor P. When I come to think about it, the word ‘essay’ in my ‘curtain’ quote can be replaced by many others, such as poem, novel, music composition, motion picture, statue, painting, opera etc, And photo, of course.

      The late Virginia Woolf, English writer (1882-1941)

    • John P. August 3, 2015

      Dear Mrs. Woolf,

      I like your ‘curtain’ statement on the essay (etc.) very much. Still, although I don’t feel shut out by it, it impresses me as pretty elusive – an uncomfortable feeling, I daresay, which I have tried to cure by taking a closer look at the many curtains in your work. In The Waves I ticked off the word more than 30 times, but the most remarkable ‘curtain’ sentence was to be found in Mrs. Dalloway:

      “Gently the yellow curtain with all the birds of Paradise blew out and it seemed as if there were a flight of wings into the room, right out, then sucked back.”

      Here the curtains have become birds of Paradise flying in and out of the Heaven of Understanding, thus granting us, mortals, some rare peeks into the mystery of a good essay, poem, novel etc.

      Am I right?

      John P., professor of aesthetic theory

    • John P. August 3, 2015

      Dear prof. P.,

      Of course you are right. And by the way, at my side of the curtain the Insight is incomparably more overwhelming. That’s why I enjoy the BoldBliss photos so much. Their beauty touches the most sensible chords of my soul. But, please, do not rush to get here. However grand my jenseits view is, I would be ready to change places with the humblest of mortals who try to get their imperfect peek into Heaven.

      The late Virginia Woolf, English writer (1882-1941)

  12. Priscilla July 31, 2015

    This curtain is top.


    • Ronnie August 1, 2015

      Yes, Priscilla honey, you are -as always- right: whatever it is, a curtain or a top, it is top. Perhaps I can order one for you? Where and when can we organize the solemn, romantic handover? In the lounge of the Palace Hotel? Next sunday? At twelve o’clock?

      Your ever-loving Ronnie

    • Priscilla August 1, 2015


      Stop stalking me, will you?

      If I want the top top I can order it myself. In fact I am going to order it right now.

      So, if you are in desperate need of a solemn romantic handover, why don’t you invite your wife to the lounge of the Palace Hotel?

      Your ever-despising Priscilla


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