Hunting for the Milanese Sun

Leather trousers and neutrals in front of graffiti wall - Bold Bliss

Leather-look trousers and beige woolen cardigan - Bold Bliss

Hunting for the sun in Milan - Bold Bliss

Hunting for the Milanese sun - Bold Bliss

Hunting for the Milanese sun - Bold Bliss

Soft pink blouse and beige cardigan in Alpaca wool - Bold Bliss

Beige suede bag - Bold Bliss

Leather trousers combined with neutral tones - Bold Bliss

Hunting for the sun in Milan - Bold Bliss

Glamorous Trousers) | Hudson Mirar Ankle Boots | Massimo Dutti Top (similar options here, here, here and here) | Vintage Cardigan (similar here, here, here and here) | Vintage Bag (similar here, here and here)


This week, browsing through my archives, I hit upon some unpublished photos from Milan, so for a change I propose a short interlude between all the Spanish sights in my recent posts. Nonetheless, I can assure the hispanophiles amongst my followers that many more posts from Andalucía’s golden triangle (Granada, Seville and Cordoba) are patiently queuing for publication in my next posts.

The photos I dig up today were taken a couple of months ago on the last day of a trip to Milan. We spent the afternoon admiring the city’s many beautiful sights (including the Quadrilatero d’Oro: the designer district of Milan – see this and this instagram). Then, all of a sudden it dawned on us that we only had half an hour left before we were to take the metro back to the airport. We had planned to shoot another outfit, so we really had to make haste. In addition, the sun went down quickly. Nearly the whole city was already covered in those long shadows the Italians call the ombra della sera, which made it too dark to shoot. We figured that the only thing we could do was to try and find an avenue directed straight to the sunset. There we might catch the last golden sunrays before twilight turned into complete darkness. We started a race against the clock, with no clue at all where except that we were going for the sun. After a long march, we were fortunate to find a broad street, bathing in just enough light to shoot some photos in a hurry.

It was as if we had slipped into a Fellini-like film set illuminating the entire street and making the shadows infinitely thin and long. I had no time to check my outfit. Later, I was glad to see on the photos that in the ethereal light of that Milanese sunset there were barely any wrinkles visible in my blouse. I was wearing my leather-look trousers, the slight edginess of which was offset by the neutral tones of the rest of the outfit (soft pink and beige) and the softness of my (partly Alpaca) wool cardigan, a fine match for a casual but elegant look.

When the last daylight had disappeared we hurried to the metro station and, yes, we arrived at the airport just in time to watch our plane taxi away under a sardonic moon.



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  1. Matchlessmila June 28, 2015

    Wow, these pictures are simply gorgeous!! Loving how you played with the setting sun in them! I am going to visit Milan in 2 months myself and seeing these images makes me so exited for the trip already.
    xx Mila

    • Bold Bliss July 11, 2015

      Thanks! Have fun on your trip (no doubt you will – Milan is just wonderful)!

  2. Courtney June 25, 2015

    these photos are absolutely stunning! love the lighting~

    XO Color Me Courtney

  3. Hashimota Akiko June 23, 2015

    I am great fan of you. You so mystery! And japanese. You on photo on pair of geta before mount Fuji will be beautiest of all. Thank you so many!

    Hashimota Akiko

  4. Heidi June 23, 2015

    These photos are absolutely stunning from head to toe! So happy to have stumbled across your blog:)

    Wishes & Reality

  5. Rachel June 22, 2015

    Beautiful photos from your trip to Milan looks like you got perfect lighting. Have a wonderful week ahead love.

  6. Carly June 22, 2015

    Such a gorgeous shoot! I love the leather leggings against the sunny backdrop. It’s so dramatic
    Dresses & Denim

  7. Ophelia Xymoron June 21, 2015

    Breathtaking contre-jour photography. Never mind having missed your plane for that..

    Ophelia Xymoron


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