Bohemian Rhapsody

Casa de Pilatos, Seville - Bold Bliss

Boho style in Casa de Pilatos, Seville - Bold Bliss

Casa de Pilatos, Sevilla - Bold Bliss

Crochet dress Asos in front of Mudejar style tiles - Bold Bliss

Black crochet dress - Bold Bliss

Azulejos tiles - Casa de Pilatos - Bold Bliss

Asos crochet off-shoulder dress and Siena camera bag - Bold Bliss

Bohemian style in Casa de Pilatos, Seville - Bold Bliss

Detail crochet dress and moonstone necklace - Bold Bliss

Asos black crochet espadrilles - Bold Bliss

Fountain of Casa de Pilatos, Seville - Bold Bliss

Siena leather camera bag in front of fountain - Bold Bliss

Asos DressLondon Rebel Espadrilles (sold at Asos) (similar here and here) | Siena Camera Bag | Asos Necklace (sold out, similar here and here)


Would you mind living here? Me gustaria bien, gracias. The Casa de Pilatos, one of the finest palaces of Seville, is still occupied by the ducal Medinaceli family. It was built in the last quarter of the 15th century but was repeatedly altered throughout the centuries because its respective lords couldn’t resist the temptation to incorporate the new styles that had inspired them during their travels. (Pinterest syndrome avant la lettre, it seems.) The outcome is a place with Spanish Mudéjar, Gothic, Italian Renaissance and Romantic styles scrambled together elegantly. Quite unique indeed! I’ve only added a few pictures of the place here as I plan to post the remainder (which includes pictures of the serene, blooming garden) in a future photo diary of Seville.

I often add a touch of bohème to my outfits (see this outfit post and this post about summer crochet). Well, this dress is outright bohemian, with its off-shoulder design, subtle bell sleeves, scallop hem and patterned crochet fabric. It’s perfect for the day (except for really hot days) and the long sleeves provide that little extra warmth needed when sitting outside during summer evenings. Given the detailed design of the dress, I kept the accessories simple, just wearing my leather camera bag, black crochet espadrilles and a few bangles. I wore a very seventies pendant choker to further bring out that boho charm. The necklace features a mood stone, which means that it changes colour according to… well, I wouldn’t know according to what. Temper? Temperament? Temperature? The latter seems more plausible. So far, I’ve seen blue, green and orangish but unfortunately, my necklace didn’t seem too eager to show off its gimmicks while we were shooting (it appears blue on all pictures)! An acute case of camera shyness? Or of prudery? Or was it just mood stone moodiness? I’ll tell you when it shows more colours of the rainbow.



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  1. Ahhhh your website is photography heaven!

  2. Greetje Speck June 21, 2015

    “Sends shivers down my spine”, (Queen)

    Greetje Speck

  3. Annie June 20, 2015

    oh, I absolutely could live here! those tiles are to die for! you have such a way with words and i love the boheme touch! xxo.

    • Bold Bliss June 21, 2015

      Thanks! I was so impressed with this palace – seriously considering including tiles like these in my future home ;)

  4. sepatuholig June 20, 2015

    Great dress… beautiful place for a photo shot!!!

  5. Shar June 20, 2015

    Gorgeous photos and outfit.

  6. Nuclear Glitter June 19, 2015

    Girl, you are killing me with your photos <3

  7. Sabina B June 19, 2015

    love the photos and the look! great espadrilles!

  8. vanessa June 19, 2015

    absolutely amazing photos!


  9. Manita June 19, 2015

    Love that dress!! And the shoes to go with it :)


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