Summer Crochet

Collage - summer crochet (black and white dresses and espadrilles)

Year after year, I’ve been drawn to crochet quite inexplicably and it looks like this summer, fashion has fallen head-over-heels for its allure too. I’ve lined up my very favourite items, which ought to transform you in an untrammelled flower power girl hopping barefoot but elegantly through the fields of Woodstock …

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Contrasting Components

Oversized pastel blue knit cardigan and leather look leggings in front of Palazzo della Pilotta in Parma - Bold Bliss

Today’s post, shot at the outside of the Palazzo della Pilotta in Parma, is all about contrasts. I have an visceral fondness for contrasts in my outfits as I love how clashing components have a way of rapping each other over the knuckles lightly: a synchronised effort contributing to a beautifully balanced result. These are today’s contrasts …

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Persian Green

Persian green vintage textured dress with black accessories in front of Duomo of Milan - Bold Bliss

A pop of Persian green combined with just sober black. The temptation to match this outfit with the imposing green bronze doors of the Duomo of Milan was just too hard to resist …

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Favourite Food Spots in Parma

Favourite food spots in Parma: Tcafe, Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati near Baptistery - Bold Bliss

Favourite food spots in Parma: Degusteria Romani - Bold Bliss

Favourite food spots in Parma: Sweet Laboratorio delle Delizie, cupcakes with peanut butter and chocolate and meringue - Bold Bliss

Quietly elegant Parma not only leaves its visitors saturated with art, architecture and opera – it is also a magnet for devoted foodies. Among Parma’s culinary temptations are some ancient and renowned delicacies such as its cheese & ham (in proper Italian respectively Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma). For anyone who wants to indulge in this food culture like a purebred Parmesan, I can recommend the following (hidden) gems …

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Pink Dream

Striped cape Forever 21 and skinny jeans before Parma Baptistery in morning light

A blushing-pink baptistery built out of Verona marble, some crisp early morning light and – apart from the sound of a light breeze – an ethereal silence: that was what we ran into in the city centre of Parma after waking up at the crack of dawn. Not the faintest regret that we did some sightseeing instead of sleeping through the precious morning hours …

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